Eureka Events is my dream company. I’m not likely to go into business for myself and launching my own startup anytime soon, but it’s always nice to have an idea in my back pocket encase I ever win the lottery. For me creating a company around throwing parties relates directly to who I am as a person. I like playing the hostess; from happy hours to running foosball tourneys to game nights to organizing team building events. I’m the type of person that can do a holiday turkey dinner without breaking a sweat, because everything is planned, prepped and timed. So creating a Case Study using my fake company was the logical choice, because I’ve already done preliminary brain storming. 
Please note, this is rough. Very rough. Right now, this is a "what if" piece. If I do win the lottery, I would go back to the drawing board, starting with a round table of trusted advisers, than user research and testing, iterations on design, more testing, into development, testing, revisions, etc. until launch. 
All my initial thoughts were scrawled out on paper. My hand writing is terrible and I often misspell words. Someone better invent spell check for pen and paper soon. My plan is to get pieces and build out this case study over the next week or two, including some images of the iterations, brainstorming, explanation of choices. 
Starting off, I broke down what type of events the company would offer, came up with activities ideas and a quick thought on who would be the target. My thoughts were of a two prong approach, a responsive website for branding and lead generation and a iPad app for event execution. I started with latter. I've called the app Eureka Emcee because it's a hosting app and I like the alteration. 
UPDATE: I'm continuing to develop and update this case study project. 
NOTE: Real world project I would not jump straight into design. There would also be a lot more initial project planning and feedback. I'm using this project to showcase some thought processes as well as test out the pros and cons of various prototyping applications, including Adobe XD.
Login Screen
The user for this app is the runner of the event, which I am temporarily calling Event Specialist. A cross between host(ess) and project manager, their role is to run event. The thought behind the app was it needs to have multiple functions, calendar, invite list, project list, notepad, to-do list, directory, and had to have all this function available off-line, because not all events take place near wireless. 
Because of this, I wasn't sure if it was practical to have the login have a reset link. 
There is the potential for the app to be released to other companies, but for now, the user base is both fictional and limited. 
UPDATE: I've included a few additional iteration of the login screen. 
Event Management
At it's core, the app is a project management application. Opening screen needs to display every event the company has done, is doing and is currently planning. But all of this needs to be sorted easily. I've temporally thought of using filters, and placed a rough idea of what I thought may work. It needs to be scalable. I broke down events based on categories, but have no way of knowing if additional categories will be needed in the future. As the fictional business grows, it may make sense to add tags for types of activities (whale watching or lunch or karaoke etc.)
I prefer having multiple selections rather than radio selection, but I am going to spend some time researching a better option. 
I felt it made sense to have the initial options limited to logical defaults. 
A basic search function is also required. 
Colour Selection
Blue was selected as the primary branding colour, because it represents trust and honesty. I like the professional nature of the deep blue, but also wanted to play with the vibrance of a lighter blue or a blue-aqua gradient. 
For the master events page, I wanted to have a high-level overview for easy search and selection. Because of the potential diversity and complexity of projects. The app is targeted toward event facilitator, so having the information at hand is crucial.  

Potential Functionality (TBD)
Company Wide Calendar
Contract Staff Directory
Vendor Directory
Event Specialist Profile
Add Event Form
Event Information
Guest list (check-in)
Contract and Invoice lookup
To-do lists and Notes

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