TL Price Freelance CV
UX/UI Design / Web design
Perception Builder (Aug 2019 to Ongoing)
Created mockups in Adobe XD for their client’s website to adhere to their branding and requirements. It was a financial related business.

Fishbowl Solutions (Feb 2019)
Created screens and navigation for a high-fidelity prototype (Adobe XD) needed in a hurry for an upcoming tradeshow.

Tournamatic (Nov 2018 to Ongoing)
Redesigning the on-boarding for tournament organizers, teams and players, working on mockups and prototyping, performing user acceptance testing. Developing a scoring system application for internal and external uses (currently in early design with MVP). As well as miscellaneous brand development.

Designer Life Unlimited (Jan 2013 to Ongoing)
Design services include book design, advertising design, branding, web design and general marketing/social media design.

Graphic Design / Book Design
Biotech Primer (Aug 2012 to Ongoing)
Initially brought on to layout their Biotech Primer book, I now layout of their workbooks for courses they offer, several titles per year. As well as yearly books of blog posts and other course related materials.

Networlding Publishing (June 2009 to Feb 2017)
A small niche publisher specializing in helping self-publishing authors get started, worked cover design, interior typesetting and/or exporting for eBook for dozens of titles. Included The Trust Puzzle, Networking Through Time, History Mashups series (previously Masters Mashups), BookPreneur to name a few. 

MedIQ (June 2011 to to Feb 2017)
Brought on initially for redesign consultation of the First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2012 Edition. Continued to offer my services as a consultant in InDesign and digital export; have also worked on covers for other titles in the brand; and recently logo design for expanded services. 

Designer Life Unlimited (Jan 2013 to Ongoing)
Cover design for her Fast Lane, Wrong Direction series. As well as previous titles and promotional material such as website banners and display pieces. 

Peter Greenlaw (Nov 2012 to Feb 2017)
Interior typesetting of his three titles, Why Diets are Failing Us, TDOS Syndrome and Solutions, and Your Third Brain. Also cover cleanup work and file prep for print. 

Atlantic Publishing (Sept 2009 to Feb 2017)
Typesetting interior titles for their line of how-to books (black and white interior). Around March 2013, started converting titles to ePub. Close to 50 titles for interior layout, with nearly as many conversion to eBook.

Cascadia Motivation (Dec 2014 to Feb 2017)
Rewards catalogue layout and other marketing materials.  

Skydiamond Media (Mar 2011 to July 2014, June 2016)
As an SEO company, Skydiamond occasionally had need of a graphic designer for their clients, as well as some of their own marketing material. This included business cards, advertisements, flyers and white paper documents.  

Craig Wilson (June 2016)
Self-published author of Rio Street Kid Stargazer. Full cover design and interior typesetting for paperback book.

Robin Weidner (Mar 2013, May 2016)
Self-published author of Eve Song and Grace Calls. Interior typesetting and back cover and spine for both paperback, covers were supplied, but needed minor alterations. Grace Calls required gloss plate.

George Swiderski (Nov 2015)
Self-published author of The Forester’s Son. Interior typesetting and cover jacket for hardcover.

Brian Caporicci (Jan 2013, Oct 2015)
Initial design of wedding photography book and, later, design of booklets for his new photography studio Sprout. 

Larisa Kronfeld (Aug 2015)
Self-published author of The Magic of Style. I did both cover and interior work for this coffee table book, including de-bossing and UV plates. 

Brand Trust (Nov 2013, July 2015)
Interior typesetting of their two books, How Does It Make You Feel? and Little Things Big Returns both for hardcover and paperback. Prepped supplied cover for print. Included UV plate.

Bart Kerr (Mar 2015)
Self-published author of Rejuvenation. Cover design and interior typesetting. 

Wall-to-Wall Media (Sep 2014)
Temporary in-house assignment in Toronto to handle media kits design during a staffing shortage.

Patricia Dorch (Aug 2011, June 2012)
Self-published author of Professionalism and Job Search. Full cover design of both paperback books.

Lexis Nexis (July 2008 to May 2012)
Occasional freelance work for the Lawyers Weekly, focusing on information design including charts and graphs.  

Revista Del Sol (Dec 2008 to Apr 2012)
Quarterly travel guide for Costa Rica. Side by side layout in Spanish and English. 

D. Benson (Dec 2009)
Interior typesetting and cover design for Craigslist Casual Encounters by Henry Russel. Cover was submitted to the 2010 Annual Design Awards (ANNDAS) and won Best Book Cover Design.